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At 40 Km from Lakkios, travelling along the E45 highway to the south, You can easily reach Noto one of the most beautiful baroque cities in Sicily, declared a Unesco heritage site since 2002.


At 70 km from Syracuse, heading south-west, You can reach Modica, another beautiful baroque city in the ‘Val di Noto’; also this city a Unesco heritage site and, above all, known for the production of its typical chocolate of hispano-aztec origin.


At 90 km from Lakkios, always in the south-west direction, You can reach Ragusa a city born in the Iblei Mountains. It’s divided into two districts: Ragusa Superiore, the most modern part of the city and Ragusa Ibla which represents the historic part of the city, a UNESCO heritage site since 2002.


A naturalistic site of great historical interest, about 45 km from Syracuse is the Necropolis of Pantalica, a Unesco heritage site. This archaeological site, between the Anapo valley and the Cava Grande stream, is located among the small cities of Ferla, Cassaro and Sortino and it is one of the most important protohistoric places in Sicily.


At 120 km from Syracuse, going north and driving along the E45 towards Catania-Messina, You can get to Taormina, a beautiful small, hill town located near the Mount Etna. The city is famous for its Ancient Theater, a Greco-Roman theater still in operation and today scenery of numerous events.


The Etna is the highest active terrestrial volcano, it rises on the eastern coast of Sicily and its height is of 3,300 m. In June 2013, the UNESCO Committee included Mount Etna in the list of World Heritage sites. Every year thousands of people, accompanied by expert guides, climb the mountain in one of the most incredible nature experiences of all the Sicily, discovering the magic of a lunar landscape and of a splendid panoramic views of the cities below.

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